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Hey, kids!  Do you like good music?  Do you like cookies?  Do you hate hipsters? If you answered "no" to one or more of these questions, then why are you even reading this? Otherwise, throw on a pair of jeans that actually fits you and head on down to HIPSTER DEMOLITION NIGHT at Southpaw on Thursday, May 27th for a night of ass-kicking, irony-free rock'n'roll! Recently gaining coverage in The New York Post (, the inaugural edition of HIPSTER DEMOLITION NIGHT will feature both legends and rising young stars united by a love of guitar hooks and a hatred of day-glo sunglasses. 11 PM: The Paul Collins Beat ( Renowned worldwide for his work as a founding member of The Beat and The Nerves (the latter best remembered for the original version of "Hanging on the Telephone"), power-pop idol Paul Collins will play both classics and rollicking new compositions with his band. 10 PM: The Above ( One of the hottest young acts on the New York live circuit, mod-rock beatmeisters The Above are fresh off the release of their much-anticipated debut album, now in heavy rotation on cutting-edge stations throughout the Northeast. 9 PM: Jay Banerjee & The Heartthrobs ( Blending British Invasion, Motown, and '70s power-pop influences with obsessively romantic, wordplay-heavy lyrics, Jay Banerjee was recently hailed by Rolling Stone and New York Times critic Karen Schoemer as "a welcome reminder of how much fun angst can be when it's not saddled down by pretension." 8 PM: The Split Signals Comprised of several garage-rock luminaries--including Jonny Chan of Jonny Chan & The New Dynasty Six and members of The Brimstones, The Insomniacs, and The Royal Purple--The Split Signals are The Traveling Wilburys of the Nuggets set. Guests of HIPSTER DEMOLITION NIGHT will also enjoy the sounds of Lady Bree spinning between sets and free cookies courtesy of For more information, visit Let the bearded beware!